March updates!

09 Mar

Hello friends. Just wanted to make a quick post about some of the stuff I’ll be doing in March. This will be pretty short.

First of all, on March 29th I’ll be streaming for 24 hours straight as part of the Healing Over Time charity gaming marathon. This starts at 9AM CST on  Saturday March 29th. Please come hang out for a little bit and show some support for that. The goal for the even is to raise $5000 for Child’s Play. An awesome charity that I’ve supported in the past. I was thrilled to hear that Subterfuge Gaming was going to be a part of this and as soon as I heard about it I made sure I was available to be a part.

Secondly, on March 10th starting at 11PM CST I’ll be streaming Titanfall until at least noon on March 11th. I would love for some people to jump in and out and play with me. My name on Origin is Klokworkk. Feel free to add me :).

Next, I’ve made some changes to the stream schedule. Sorry I keep doing this. I’m still sorta new to the whole streaming thing so I’m trying to nail down a schedule that works for myself. My current schedule is (as posted on Twitch):

  • Monday: FF Marathon; 5PM – 9PM at least. Lasting to midnight potentially.
  • Tuesday: New Game or FF Marathon; 5PM – 9PM at least. Lasting to midnight potentially.
  • Wednesday: Sporadic. Watch Twitter for updates.
  • Thursday: Sporadic. Watch Twitter for Updates.
  • Friday: DERPDAY; 5PM – X where X is when I decide to stop streaming.
  • Saturday: Currently sporadic. In the future I hope to stream some live D&D.
  • Sunday: Final Fantasy Marathon; When I wake up(10AM or so) – 10PM.

So Fridays are going to be my kind of goof off with friends and viewers day. I’ll be playing random multiplayer games and occasionally doing a giveaway and other stuff.

Moving on, I plan to start playing Dark Souls on stream after I finish South Park: The Stick of Truth. This will be my first time trying to beat Dark Souls so it should be entertaining. If I enjoy it enough I may do the same thing for Dark Souls 2. We’ll see though. This will probably only be a day or maybe two a week on the stream.

Lastly, I’ve got a couple blog articles that I’m working on: Two about MMOs, one or two game mini-reviews (South Park and Titanfall), and an article about not being a total dick on the internet. I’ll get the reviews out first probably.

That be all for now. Like I said, really short. Appreciate the couple of people that have hung out and supported my streaming efforts so far ❤

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