The content creation plan for 2016

09 Jan

It has been a really long time since I’ve posted on this thing. Posting on this thing more is part of the 2016 plan – I won’t commit to an actual post schedule though, because that never works out lol.

So I think the major thing I want to post about is my plans for content creation for this year. The biggest thing is I’ve decided to not focus on streaming so much. I’m going to cut back to streaming once maybe twice a week – Probably only one scheduled day (Wednesdays 6PM CST to 10PM CST). My reason for this is that I plan on focusing more on making  YouTube videos instead. I’m (slowly) learning Adobe Premiere Pro and figuring out what I can do with it. Some of my early experiment videos have some audio kinks I need to work out, and most of them are VODs downloaded from Twitch Streams. I’m still experimenting with video capture software.

The YouTube plan is basically to do a mix of short videos ( 5 to 10 min) with various types of gameplay (ranging from fun bullshitery to competitive matches) and then longer (30ish min) ‘Let’s Play’ videos for certain games. I also will probably try to do some videos where I try a random game for 15 to 30 minutes and talk about it at the end, most likely various JRPGs – Stuff I want to talk about, but doesn’t exactly fit into what I want to do for Let’s Plays or Short videos. That last category will probably be fairly random.

Right now, I have no schedule on when I’m going to be uploading things. I intend to only post two or three videos a week right now (Starting in Feb), while I learn how to use APP. As for what I plan to record: I plan on starting to record some Let’s Play stuff for either Dark Souls II or Until Dawn in the near future and then have one-off videos of me and friends playing various competitive games (We’re playing a lot of Rainbow Six: Siege and CS:GO right now).

Another thing I’m going to really start trying to do this year is small Podcast type things. My current idea is to have conversations (no longer than 30 minutes) with friends of mine about various game/nerd related topics. It would be nice to cover a large range of topics. I’ve wanted to do something similar to this in the past, but I’ve never quite been able to organize it properly. My objective with this sort of format is to keep it fluid. So I don’t necessarily need to rely on other key people to be around, and can instead schedule things with a larger group of folks. In my head, this sounds easier to manage.

The last thing is that I plan on going to more conventions this year. Namely: PAX South, PAX East, PAX Prime, Blizzcon, and RTX. I’d also like to go to at least one or two purely Esports events, but we’ll have to see on that. Not much else to say on that front – I’ve already got PAX South and PAX East tickets and everything booked!


  • Stream schedule down to one day a week (Probably Wednesdays from 6PM CST to 10:00PM CST).
  • More YouTube content, starting with two or three videos a week in Feb. BIG ASS LINK TO THE CHANNEL.
    • Dark Souls II or Until Dawn Let’s Play
  • Trying harder to start mini-podcast (No telling when/if this will kick off).
  • Hopefully more blog posting.
  • More Conventions!


I’m going to try really hard to stick with this throughout the year. My biggest trouble personally is that I’m a big ideas guy, but I always sort of fall through with executing on my own ideas. I can see in my head where I want to go, but I never quite hit it. For various reasons really. This is sort of a part of me searching for something that works for me, and that I can stick with. I do this entirely for fun, so I have the luxury of sort of just trying shit until something sticks.

Anywho, that’s it for now. HAPPY NEW YEAR EVERYONE.

EDIT: ALSO, the URL to this is now! 😀

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