Reboot Finished!

25 Jun

Alrighty, so this is just going to be a brief post about all the changes I’ve made to this site and what I intend to do with it now.

The biggest change will probably be the fact that I’m going to focus on what I’m doing project wise and a lot of my posts will probably be somewhat related to that. In addition to just stating that, I’ve added a “My Projects” page that’ll list off all the projects I’m currently working on, descriptions of projects, what the progress is on them, and links to view or download them if applicable. Additionally I removed some cluttered stuff on the side menu as well, and added my Twitter feed. I’m no longer going to be posting about what I’m playing and such unless I have something substantial to say about it. This is mostly because I posted a link to my Raptr profile on the right menu as well. My Published Works and My Projects sections are currently 100% updated and I’ll try to update them weekly (even if I don’t make a post). I’m not going to commit to a certain time period to make posts, I’ll just make them as I see fit. That being said I do plan to more regularly make posts, and give this blog a bit more attention. I’ll try to be less ranty that my prior posts and only post informative things. I’m sure I’ll occasionally rant on certain topics, but I won’t make it a regular thing. Most posts will be devoted to a single topic, instead of posts prior that were just about how my week went or something along those lines. This way I can get more detailed, and more importantly it looks more professional. A more professional look is kind of my whole goal here. I’m not going all the way out on that (mostly because I don’t think that’d be possible), but I’m going to make an effort to make my posts as professional as possible (this excludes rants for obvious reasons).

So content you’ll see on here now will now be based on a single topic. Topics will have the wide range that they had before, but be more focused. This could mean I make multiple posts in one day, and could mean that I go a while without posting anything if I don’t have anything substantial to post. Hopefully I’m productive enough where I don’t take forever to post updates and the like.

I think that about covers it. Feel free to give me any feedback about the new and improved blogthing.

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