Creative Motivation

13 Aug

So I’m this weird type of beast that when I get super discouraged/stressed about things I’m less likely to be motivated to do stuff. Weird I know. I’ve been in that sort of slump lately and I’m kind of hoping that PAX Prime this year will reinvigorate my motivation. Looking go so far with that. I’m already thinking of ways to get myself in creative mode post-PAX.

My general idea looks something like this: September – Every week create 1 game using Flash. Something different each time and fairly basic. Just implement a single mechanic or two into a full fledged game. Think Bejeweled or Mario. October – Work on a more complex game. Probably in Flash also (maybe Python). See how far I can get in a month. November – Learn how to use RPG Maker  and goof around with that a bit. Maybe toss together another basic flash game or two while learning it (to keep me creating and thinking of mechanics while learning the new program). I’ve got some ideas for a bigger game come December but we’ll have to see what I put together.

That being said, I’ve worked a little bit on the card game project and I’m starting to think it is a bit more than I can chew when I look at the design sheet I have for it. I’d rather start up with something simple and move towards something more complex, and my vision for the card game will require some features a tad too complex for me right now. It kind of hurts my motivation to be smashing away at the thing without seeing much progress. So starting smaller and seeing progress quicker will help me keep my motivation. That project is basically postponed for a while. Probably next year. I totally still plan on doing it still though, I think it’d be cool.

That is pretty much where I’ve been the last month or so. Sounds sort of lame, but I’m hoping I’ll jump back up soonishly. I’ll post progress on flash games and etc here when I start that up next month. I should be pumping out 2 new reviews here soon for Indis as well. One for Diablo 3 and one for Darksiders 2.

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Posted by on August 13, 2012 in Gaming, Review


One response to “Creative Motivation

  1. Lei

    August 13, 2012 at 4:52 pm

    The surest way to turn a wish or a dream into a concrete goal is to make a plan for achieving it. Good on you for trying to find a method to achieve what you want. 🙂


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