Gaming Plans for 2013: Most anticipated games and expanding the backlog.

05 Jan

With 2013 literally tomorrow I figured I’d make a quick post about what I’m looking forward to playing in 2013, and what other gaming exploits I plan on getting into. I’ve got two fairly big projects I’m going to try to do in 2013 as far as gaming goes, and I’m in a pretty good position now to see them both to light. Aside from gaming I’ve got a few other projects I’m going to try to push forward as well, most of those things aren’t even in a planning phase though.

I’ll go ahead and start with my most anticipated (announced) games of 2013. List is in order of release dates.

  • Ni No Kuni: Wrath of the White Witch (1/22) – A JRPG from Level- 5 with art from Studio Ghibli? Sign me up!
  • Dead Space 3 (2/5) – Next installment of one of my favorite current gen series. I need more sci-fi horror in my life.
  • Aliens: Colonial Marines (2/12) – I’m a little dubious on this one. Gearbox development team is a good plus (though they’ve had their failures). Direct sequel of Aliens movies. Only thing that worries me is that I’ve been burned by Aliens video games in the past. Maybe this one will pan out though.
  • Tomb Raider (3/5) – I was never very big on the Tomb Raider series of old, but this approach to Lara Croft has me fairly interested. An Uncharted feel to the game, with Ubisoft at the helm? I can get behind that. Maybe this will get me into the series.
  • South Park: The Stick of Truth (3/5) – I’ve been off and on with this game for a while, but after the VGAs I decided to go ahead and give it a chance. It does look hysterical and I’m a sucker for RPGs.
  • Gears of War: Judgement (3/19) – I love Gears, but I’m a bit dubious on this title too. Giving People Can Fly a hand-me-down Gears side story prequel when they could be working on Bulletstorm 2 or something a bit more interesting just leaves a bad feeling in my gut. I’m getting this because I love Gears of War, but I’m not expecting much out of it.
  • Bioshock Infinite (3/26) – Bioshock. Do I even need to type anything else here?
  • Injustice: Gods Among Us (4/1) – Mortal Kombat fighting mechanics and getting to beat the hell out of people as comic book characters? I can dig it.
  • The Last of Us (6/2) – Original IP from Naughty Dog that has a lot going for it. It looks great and I really hope they pull it off. I’d hate for the game to be a dud, and for Naughty Dog to be a 1 trick pony.
  • Castlevania: Lords of Shadow 2 (TBA 2013) – I really like the Castlevania mythos, and I enjoyed Lords of Shadow 1. Pretty excited for this one after watching some trailers.

Other games I’m totally interested in, but aren’t definite day 1 buys for me:

  • Devil May Cry (1/15) – I had some fun with DMC 1 and 2 back in the PS2 era, but dropped it for no real reason. I debated picking up the HD collection and DMC 4 but haven’t done that yet. I’ll probably grab this one after I do that and replay the older ones.
  • Crysis 3 (2/19) – I like shooters. I liked the other Crysis games. I’ll probably play this eventually.
  • FUSE (3/13) – Somewhat interested. Third-person cover shooter with sci-fi/Deus Ex sounding themes seems pretty legit to me.
  • Metro: Last Light (3/31) – I couldn’t really get into Metro 2033, but I’ve been debating giving it another chance just because of how good this game looks. I’m still on the fence on this though.
  • Naruto Ultimate Ninja Storm 3 (4/1) – This is kind of a guilty pleasure of mine, but I really like games that let me play through anime stories. Naruto Ultimate Ninja Storm 2 lets you play through the first few arcs of the Naruto Shippuden anime, and this one is supposed to continue where that game left off. It isn’t a day 1 buy for me, but I’ll probably pick it up during the summer lull.
  • Splinter Cell: Blacklist (4/1) – I’m not really huge on forced stealth stuff, so I’m a bit dubious on this one because of that. The trailers do make the game look really good though.
  • Grand Theft Auto V (TBA Spring 2013) – I’m interested in this for the open world aspects, the economic system that usually comes with these games, and the random fun. I wasn’t a huge fan of GTA4 though, so I’m a little dubious.
  • XCOM (TBA) – I like Sci-fi a lot. I really liked XCOM Enemy Unknown. This is a shooter, and I like those too. I’m really interested but fairly dubious because this game has had some really odd news behind it. Changes in design and gameplay style that just smell funny to me. I’ll definitely keep my eye on it though.
  • Beyond: Two Souls (TBA) – I’m fairly interested in this one, but I’m going to wait for reviews. I’m also not going to buy it day 1 on the principle that I’m not a big fan of some of the things David Cage has spewed after the success of Heavy Rain.

Next I want to talk about the two video game related projects I’m going to endeavor myself on this year. The first of which is replacing my stolen games and expanding my collection of video games. This mostly covers things I’ve played and want for collection or that I’ve never played and really want to play from the past 2 or 3 console generations (with a little older than that games mixed in but not many). I’ve got two different wish lists for this: An Amazon wish list and a collection list on Google Drive that also has a wish list tab. My current focus on that project is to knock out all the games under $30 while looking for good deals on the more pricey parts of that list.

The second project I’m going to undertake is to upgrade my current gaming setup and eventually have a way to stream myself playing games on a mostly nightly basis. This will be the easier of the two projects and I’ve pretty much already got this mapped out. Only thing I’m really worried about is bandwidth and the fact that I won’t be able to stream anything for a system that doesn’t use HDMI cords without actually getting a TV (the setup I plan to use and currently use is all computer monitors).

That is what I’ll be up to in 2013 though, as far as gaming in concerned. I’ll update my “projects” page as well to reflect all this too. I’m already having a pretty awesome January. Moved in to new place and start new job on Monday. This year is already great.

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