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04 Jan

..I kind of suck at it. So part of my new years resolution is to make a bit more of an attempt at actually posting shit on here again. Mostly random ramblings that’ll incorporate a bigger attempt at starting a streaming schedule and putting my thoughts of gaming to words again. I haven’t really had an outlet for that lately. I know I’ve largely lost my interest in reviewing things. So, you’ll not be seeing much of that from me anymore. I’ll probably post a small paragraph or two when I finish something just to tell you how it is, but that will more-or-less be it.

So some updates from 2013 that I never made:

  • I now have a really good gaming PC, a 3DS, and another PS2.
  • A large portion of my old game collection that was stolen has been replaced.
  • My internet connection has improved in such a way that I can now actually stream games (woo!). You’ll hear more about this.
  • I went to PAX. It was fun but not nearly as fun as previous years. I’ll make a post about this later.
  • I’ve burned out on League of Legends, got reinvigorated about League of Legends, and then burned out on League of Legends again. I’ll probably make a post about this later too!
  • I’ve been trying to get back into MMOs but so far nothing has stuck with me. I plan on posting some MMO exploits.
  • I’ve played less games overall this year than I did last year. Funny how that works when you’ve got a real job that you actually enjoy doing.

So the most important bit is the bit about streaming. I’ve been trying to do that pretty regularly and adjust my setup in a way that compliments that. My timing was rather random during the last bit of 2013, but I plan to be a bit more structured this year. Not really structured, because that never works out for me when I try to do that, lol.

I’ve got a few future plans coming up this year. Just to list some:

  • I’ve got a lot of random Steam games I’ve never played now. I plan on doing a Steam Stream challenge where I play games I’ve never played on Steam at least once or twice a week.
  • I plan on streaming some D&D play from a game I will start DMing soonishly.
  • I plan on streaming PS2 and potentially 3DS games. This requires some pricey hardware and PS2 is higher on my priority list.
  • I plan to stream FF5-FF13 Lightning Returns. I’m insane I know.
  • I plan on contributing to Extra Life this year in some capacity. I’ve been talking with a friend about streaming some stuff. Things that have been tossed around are a random older JRPG and the early Mega Man games (From the PS2 Mega Man Anniversary collection).
  • I will probably stream some MMO content. It really depends on what releases and how interested I get in it. FF14:ARR is almost certain in around April if PC users can play with PS4 users (which everything as lead me to believe they can)

So, what’s going on right now? Well right now nothing pretty much. I’m working on setting up some stuff for D&D and I’m playing a little FF3. I’d be playing more on my computer but my chair broke so I’m having to get it replaced from Amazon and the replacement won’t show up until Tuesday. So this weekend I’m going to be pretty quiet. I probably won’t stream much next week either because I’ll be watching Awesome Games Done Quick 2014 which everyone should totally watch. I’ll also be playing with some stream settings to get things looking nicer. I’ve also been watching more Anime again and I’m trying to catch up on Supernatural (I’m in the middle of Season 4!).

I’ll try to make posts here more often. We’ll see how that goes, lol.


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