The 2014 Stream Plan!

11 Jan

Hola Frands!

I just wanted to do a quick write up for my stream plans.

So right now my plan is to stream at least 3 nights Mon – Friday from 6 CST to 10 CST. Saturday and Sunday I will probably stream, but the times will be fairly random.

I’ve also got a few stream projects I want do. First, I plan on streaming every numbered Final Fantasy game from 4 to Lightening Returns. To do this I’ll need to purchase a device that will let me stream from my PS2 and 3, which I plan to do in the next month. I’ll also need to purchase the FFX&FFX-2 HD bundle, FFXIII, FFXIII-2, and FFXIII Lightening Returns. None of that should be an issue though.

Second, I want to participate in ExtraLife this year in some capacity. I’m talking with a friend about this but I haven’t made any official plans.

Third, and probably the one that’ll be the biggest challenge: I’d like to stream the D&D group that is going to start playing shortly. To stream it how I like would probably require me to: Buy a new laptop, buy at least one more webcam, buy a high quality microphone. So this one is the most financially challenging because I’d want a new laptop. I could potentially get around that, but I’d still want the extra webcam and the microphone. I’d also need some USB extension cables, but those are like $2 for 15 feet so that isn’t really a problem. Which is good because they’d probably need replaced on occasion when someone inevitably trips over them and dies on stream.

There are some other things I’d like to do but just aren’t in the cards right now – Such as stream Bravely Default when it releases which would require a $450 investment in like 3 weeks for a product that isn’t even in stock right now. So that one is seeming pretty unlikely.

So when can you expect all this stream stuff to start? Well, I’ll start back to regular streaming next week. So I’ll likely stream something on Monday at around 6PM CST. I’ll try to stream a little bit every night, but I’ll likely have to cut some off. Wednesdays I probably won’t stream (for now) because generally I’m going to reserve those to exclusively do stuff with Subterfuge Gaming, a community/Wildstar Guild I recently joined (Check out the website if you’re into that kind of thing 🙂 )

What sort of content can you expect? All sorts of gaming shit. I’m literally into all kinds of gaming and I’ve got a pretty expansive backlog because I got a bit lazy with my gaming last year. So, I’ve got a lot of things in my Steam Library that needs playing, a couple of console games (Last of Us and Tales of Symphonia Chronicles when that releases), some older games (Such as the Person series that I’ve never touched but plan to play), and pretty much anything and everything in between. Once Wildstar releases I’ll probably be streaming a lot of that content as well. I also fully intend to play coop games with viewers and friends while streaming. If I play some games with viewers I’ll make a post with plenty of time in advance about which game(s) I’ll be looking for coop partners for.

I know I’ve got a pretty small following right now, and I appreciate the handful of people that actually read these right now a lot. Hopefully I can expand upon this a bit and do some cool stuff :).


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