Electronic Arts Presser E3 2014 Notes

09 Jun

My notes from EA’s E3 2014 Presser:

  • Star Wars Battlefront – Some Developer commentary and early footage of the game were shown. Spring 2015 date announced.
  • Dragon Age: Inquisition – Cinematic Trailer. Some Gameplay Footage of the part fighting a dragon. Mounts! Companion Montage. Oct 7 release date.
  • Bioware is doing something with Mass Effect. They talked about the series a bit but didn’t really give any details.
  • Bioware is also working on a new IP.  They talked a little bit about what they were trying to do with the game’s world and feel, but didn’t really give any details about the game.
  • Sims 4 – Announced. This is where I got up to get pizza so I don’t even know what else was said.
  • NHL 15 – Announced. Cinematic trailer and maybe some gameplay? Hard to tell from the trailer. Sports sports blah blah.
  • Criterion is working on a new racer. The developer clip said this game would incorporate many different types of vehicles. Clips of Helicopters, Boats, ATVs, Cars, and other vehicles was shown. Sounds neat, but it was very early in development. Probably Pre-Alpha gameplay/renders.
  • PGA Tour – Announced. Using Frostbite 3 engine. Who gives a shit. Moving on.
  • Madden 15 – UGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGH. August 26.
  • Dawngate – That one MOBA no one cares about.
  • Mirror’s Edge 2 – Some early gameplay and cinematics shown with some developer commentary. No dates or anything, but it is still nice to see.
  • FIFA 15 – STOP.
  • Battlefield Hardline – Cops VS Robbers style game with the core Battlefield gameplay. The graphics appear to be smoothed out a bit and less textured, and this somehow makes the game look better than Battlefield 3/4 in my opinion. Objectives had kind of a Payday feel. In the gameplay trailer a player had to grab some stolen loot and then try to evade the cops through scripted events. Looked pretty cool really. Beta sign ups are live now at this link and the game releases on Oct 21st.

This year’s EA showing was pretty meh. A lot of it was just showing details of games that sound pretty early in development, sports games, or games we already knew were in progress. I have to admit that Battlefield Hardline is intriguing. I’m excited about anything Bioware puts out. Criterion are pretty awesome too but that game doesn’t even have a title so I don’t expect it anytime soon.  Mirror’s Edge 2 has me hype but it is in the same shoes as the Criterion Racer. So, overall there was some interesting stuff, but not much of substance from EA this year.

Next up is Ubisoft!

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