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TL;DR The story for the last 6 months or so

Hello friends!

So I’ve been a little MIA from the blog for the last few months and a fair few things have happened. I’m going to do the abridged version of all of that and then give some updates on shit I’m doing in the future.

I’m still in Texas and stuff is still pretty awesome. A half-year later I’m still absolutely thrilled that I moved from Troy, AL. The place had just become far too toxic and was very much a dead-end.

I was also going to do a Game of the Year 2014 post, but about a third of the way into the post I realized that 2014 was pretty shitty as far as games go. I did beat Persona 4 Golden last year though, so let’s go with that. Persona 4 Golden GOTY every year probably maybe.

I got to go to PAX South as well. It was very different from PAX Prime. It was significantly smaller and there were virtually no AAA production companies there besides Nintendo. It felt much more like a community controlled event, which was great. I got to meet a bunch of casters and YouTube personalities that I hadn’t met before. I had a blast because of that, but if anyone went for just the expo alone I imagine they may have been disappointed.

Late last year I had picked up WoW again with the new expansion that came out. TL;DR there is that it started out pretty fun, but once raiding started it became very clear that Shadow Priest was just shit tier again. Add in the fact that the Shadow Priest rotation was a clunky mess I quit basically as soon as my guild had cleared all the current tier of raid content. It just wasn’t very fun. In order to produce the results I would want, I’d have to play a class that has a really boring rotation compared to the complexity I wanted. I quit instead. MMO wise I’m playing Guild Wars 2 with some RL friends, but I’m probably not going to play too much until at least EQ Next.

I’ve also been playing a lot of board games, and have bought quite a few myself. I may start doing some mini-reviews for board games as well. More on that later I suppose ūüôā

So where is my focus now? Mostly back on streaming, but I’ve also got a project I’m going to start working on this year sometime. Mostly I’m just conceptualizing it right now. My current main goal is to improve the quality of my stream. Which means getting some new gear. The schedule is back to Mon – Thursday 7PM – 11PM and Sundays being for Final Fantasy. Speaking of, I ‘rebranded’ the Final Fantasy thing into ‘Series Run Sundays.’ The idea there is that Sundays will be dedicated to me playing through a whole series over the course of several Sundays (and maybe some extra days if I¬†want to continue on an off day or if I get bored on a Saturday). At some point I’ll be streaming on Fridays and it’ll be dedicated to Board Games or D&D, but I’m still trying to figure out how I want to do that. The big thing I’m struggling with is finding a portable way to do an overhead camera for an entire table. Any tips would be appreciated ūüôā

The above streaming schedule will start tomorrow (Monday). This week I’ll be streaming more Dying Light coop, Shadows of Mordor, and *maybe* some Dragon Age: Inquisition while I work on clearing up my AAA backlog. Series Run Sunday will be Final Fantasy 7, continuing where we left off. After Final Fantasy series is done I’ll be playing Legend of Zelda, and after that I’ll be playing Resident Evil. I’m pretty pump for all of that. I’ll always have 2 series in the queue (which can be found here)¬†and I’ll update the listing as to which games in the series I plan to run and (hopefully) stream.

A few things that are in the project pipeline: Once I upgrade my webcam I plan on making YouTube videos reviewing/previewing all sorts of games. I’m also in the process of maybe starting a podcast. The podcast thing has been talked about off and on several times though, so we’ll see where that one goes. I’ll also try to update the blog a bit more often, but we know how that tends to go, lol.

As always, for updates on my shenanigans follow me on Twitter and like my Facebook Stream page. Also, feel free to add me to any video game service, my usernames can be found in the ‘About Me’ page.

One last big note, the best way to support my bullshit right now is simple to share my stuff around social media networks. Be it Facebook or Twitter. Any support this way will be a huge boon for helping me grow my little piece of the internet. Greatly appreciate any support, as always :).

Catch you later!


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June & July Update!

Hey friends! Time for super late¬†June/July update. I’ve got mini reviews for Wolfenstein: The New Order, Transistor, and Watch_Dogs.¬†I finally wrapped up Final Fantasy 6 and I’m about 4 hours into Final Fantasy 7. I’ve started playing through Dragon Age: Origins with the intention to beat it. I’ve gotten a PS4 and Wii U. I’ve played a ton of the Destiny Beta as a result and a little bit of Mario Kart 8. And I’VE MOVED! To a different state even!

So we’ll start with the paragraph mini reviews:

Wolfenstein: The New Order was pretty much everything I wanted from a modernized take on a classic FPS franchise and more. While there are some story loop holes they’re not massive and overall the story is actually fairly well written and designed. It is pretty basic vengeance/save the world but I won’t fault it for that. There was a lot of interesting character development for the main character,¬†William “B.J.” Blazkowicz. They did a good job in portraying him as an actual human instead of some gun toting meat-head most of the time.

I’m pretty sure the game ran on the same engine that RAGE did because both games feel very similar as far as gameplay flow. Very smooth shooting and movement, but Wolfenstein has some added stealth mechanics that are actually really good, and I hate stealth. The level design and stealth mechanic were done in such a way that it was just an option you could use in one battle to the next. AND if you fucked up, you just had to fight it out (very similar to Dishonored). None of the forced stealth bullshit you’ll hear me bitch about shortly. I should also mention the game is very brutal and pretty dark, though I think that is expected it actually surprised me in a couple of places. Overall the game was really good. It played great, had a great story, and was just a great job in bringing a classic franchise into more modern gaming. If you’re looking for something to play and haven’t picked this up yet, definitely give it a shot. It is still $60 on steam, but I’ve seen it go on sale several times for much cheaper.

Transistor has everything in it I should love from a video game. Great art direction, amazing sound track, combat that sounds unique, and it was made by the guys that made the phenomenal Bastion. Unfortunately, I ended up finding the entire experience rather dull. It played fine, but for some reason the game felt lifeless and the gameplay wasn’t really all that interesting after playing it a couple of hours. The world, while pretty at first, got pretty bland pretty quickly. I can’t help but compare it to Bastion, who had a beautiful world with lots of variety and colors. That statement alone, may be part of my reason for being disappointed. I couldn’t help but compare Transistor to Bastion. Transistor had a lot to live up to due to that, and I think it wasn’t quite at that level. The story was really good, the pace was questionable but forgivable, but really the gameplay was just too much of a turn off for me. I wanted to like it, but I just couldn’t quite. It was just alright, not the brilliant follow up to Bastion I was hoping for.

Now, to Watch_Dogs. I was pretty excited about this game. I played it a lot the first week I bought it, despite UPlay really not wanting me to. I ran around and did a lot of stuff, because there is a lot of stuff to do. Notice how vague that is? Well honestly that is because there wasn’t much to remember. Everything was mostly stuff we’ve already done before in similar games (Grand Theft Auto being the obvious example, but so does other Ubisoft titles like Assassin’s Creed and FarCry) and so none of it was very exciting or memorable. It was more like a jack-of-all-trades Ubisoft title that mashed in a lot of stuff from Far Cry and Assassin’s Creed, threw it into a more modern setting, and then slapped a ‘hacker’ theme over it. By hacking I mean that you’re solving some tube puzzles but rotating some tubes (think Bioshock if the tubes were already placed you just had to make stuff line up right) or just pressing the hack button. I will admit that I didn’t even finish the game. Somewhere around the halfway mark there was a forced stealth section that required you to march through the middle of an enemy camp without making so much as a stick crack. If you did anything fun you’d get Mission Failed. So I failed it 10 or so times and uninstalled the game. Forced stealth sections in games are one of my pet peeves with game design. No one finds it fun in these types of games. Forced stealth is fine for Hitman, Splinter Cell, and Thief. Games where you expect to be running around in stealth all the time. However, in a game that is mostly run and gun with the occasionally puzzle these stealth sections are just tedious and annoying. Why can’t more games do stealth like Wolfenstein did? Add some stealth sections to the game, sure! But when the player fucks up, punish him for it by having to fight out of the situation. Don’t just show a fucking game over screen, it is frustrating and not fun. This game was very meh, I wouldn’t really recommend it unless you like GTA a lot but are bored of it and need something new to play.

With that done, let’s talk about Destiny. I put a solid 20 or so hours into the beta and I must say it is a blast. I played a Warlock to max level, and I’m likely to stick with that on release. It fits my playstyle pretty well. I like the whole Borderlands meets Halo feel to the game, and the mix of PVE and PVP with both being equally meaningful is awesome. Items in PVE carry over to PVP and vice versa, and rewards earned by your character apply everywhere. This is probably the best design for this type of game. There will obviously be the ‘best’ weapon for each weapon type, and eventually people will figure out what stats to min/max for PVE and PVP. Still I think it is great that both types of gameplay are pretty much equal in terms of meaningful rewards. I think the only exception being that you get better experience in PVE (I’m honestly not sure if you get experience in PVP. As I’m writing this I cannot remember), but you get different rewards in PVP, such as reputation and certain tokens for loot. The beta only let you level up to 8 and do a handful of missions, so after 2 days I had already knocked out most of that stuff and spent a bunch of time on the PVP. The PVP was pretty well balanced from what I saw. Nothing in particular seemed OP or anything to me. Shotguns are probably the strongest weapons on some of the smaller maps, maybe borderline OP but that is pretty expected from Bungie. I like how they dish out ammo in the Multiplayer. Instead of having heavy weapons spawn somewhere on the map, heavy ammo spawns in certain time intervals on two different sides of the map. This creates a mini-objective on top of the objectives you’re already going for, which I liked. The heavy ammo felt appropriately powerful too. From the beta I don’t really have any complaints. I’ve already pre-ordered the game and look forward to playing a ton of it. Here is a VOD of a full multiplayer game from the Beta¬†(I’m only talking to myself because the PS4 streaming thing doesn’t capture party voice).

I haven’t really gotten much time to play Mario Kart 8. I’ve spent a few hours on it, enough to know that I’m terrible at it. I haven’t really sat down and just played it for an evening though. I honestly don’t enjoy playing certain multiplayer things without playing it with friends and I almost exclusively bought the Wii U to play games with friends (Mario Kart, Monster Hunter, Smash Bros, etc) and the occasional JRPG or something (HELLO XENOBLADE CHRONICLES X). Once I dive more into that I’ll probably talk more about it. Feel free to add me on there, I was able to get Klokworkk.

In streaming news I finally wrapped up Final Fantasy 6. You can see a VOD of me beating Angelic Kefka and the ending here. Feel free to make fun of me chewing gum and then trying to get chicken out of my teeth with my tongue. Lesson learned to not chew gum while streaming and get some damn toothpicks, otherwise I’ll look like a dumbass. I’ve started Final Fantasy 7. I’m not too far in though, about to get to Shinra building part. I’ll be starting the stream up as soon as I’m done typing this. I’m also going to be periodically playing through Dragon Age: Origins but I have no timeline on trying to beat that.

Only other thing of note is that I’ve moved! I no longer live in Alabama, I have moved back to Texas. I still have my own place though, I didn’t move back in with anyone. That wouldn’t be fun. I live about 45 minutes north of Austin now, which is a great location. Austin is such an awesome city too. If you’re ever in the area make sure you check out Pinballz and Dragon’s Lair, as well as the plethora of game shops. Tons of cool shit to be found.

Alrighty, I’m wrapping it up here. In August I’ll try to beat FF7 and Tales of Xillia 2. I also plan on writing a post about recently released, upcoming, or popular MMOs and my thoughts on them (spoiler: most of it isn’t too great). Expect that before PAX. I’ll probably also ACTUALLY make a PAX post this year, so I’ll probably take a bunch of notes and/or pictures during that. That’ll technically be an early September update though so I’m getting ahead of myself so I’ll stop now.


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Electronic Arts Presser E3 2014 Notes

My notes from EA’s E3 2014 Presser:

  • Star Wars Battlefront – Some Developer commentary and early footage of the game were shown. Spring 2015 date announced.
  • Dragon Age: Inquisition – Cinematic Trailer. Some Gameplay Footage of the part fighting a dragon. Mounts! Companion Montage. Oct 7 release date.
  • Bioware is doing something with Mass Effect. They talked about the series a bit but didn’t really give any details.
  • Bioware is also working on a new IP. ¬†They talked a little bit about what they were trying to do with the game’s world and feel, but didn’t really give any details about the game.
  • Sims 4 – Announced. This is where I got up to get pizza so I don’t even know what else was said.
  • NHL 15 – Announced. Cinematic trailer and maybe some gameplay? Hard to tell from the trailer. Sports sports blah blah.
  • Criterion is working on a new racer. The developer clip said this game would incorporate many different types of vehicles. Clips of Helicopters, Boats, ATVs, Cars, and other vehicles was shown. Sounds neat, but it was very early in development. Probably Pre-Alpha gameplay/renders.
  • PGA Tour – Announced. Using Frostbite 3 engine. Who gives a shit. Moving on.
  • Madden 15 – UGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGH. August 26.
  • Dawngate – That one MOBA no one cares about.
  • Mirror’s Edge 2 – Some early gameplay and cinematics shown with some developer commentary. No dates or anything, but it is still nice to see.
  • FIFA 15 – STOP.
  • Battlefield Hardline – Cops VS Robbers style game with the core Battlefield gameplay. The graphics appear to be smoothed out a bit and less textured, and this somehow makes the game look better than Battlefield 3/4 in my opinion. Objectives had kind of a Payday feel. In the gameplay trailer a player had to grab some stolen loot and then try to evade the cops through scripted events. Looked pretty cool really. Beta sign ups are live now at this link¬†and the game releases on Oct 21st.

This year’s EA showing was pretty meh. A lot of it was just showing details of games that sound pretty early in development, sports games, or games we already knew were in progress. I have to admit that Battlefield Hardline is intriguing. I’m excited about anything Bioware puts out. Criterion are pretty awesome too but that game doesn’t even have a title so I don’t expect it anytime soon. ¬†Mirror’s Edge 2 has me hype but it is in the same shoes as the Criterion Racer. So, overall there was some interesting stuff, but not much of substance from EA this year.

Next up is Ubisoft!

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Microsoft Presser E3 2014 Notes

Here is my whole breakdown of the Microsoft Presser. A lot of these will be quick and to the point. I’ll have my thoughts on the whole show at the end.

  • Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare will have all DLC release on Xbone first. Nothing shocking here. They also showed a Live Demo. Looks like a graphical improvement maybe (Hard to tell with Pressers like this).
  • Forza 5 owners can get a free Race Track called Burgring (or something like that) right now.
  • Forza Horizon 2 announcement – 1080P, Dynamic weather, Dedicated Servers, ‘Seamless Multiplayer’ (Not really sure what they mean. Jump in jump out races sounds dumb?)
  • Evolve – Beta is Exclusive to Xbone. The trailer was really badass, make sure you check that out.
  • Assassin’s Creed: Unity – “World Primere” since they can’t say announcement lol. 4 Person Co-op was demoed, which looked pretty cool. Seems to be in Paris, possibly French revolution era?
  • Dragon Age: Inquisition – Exclusive Xbone DLC. Really pretty Cinematic Trailer.
  • Sunset Overdrive – Trolled the entire audience. Their opening cinematic trailer started off looking like a generic shooter bro in a warehouse fighting some random terrorist looking guys and suddenly the Sunset Overdrive guy burst in murdered all of them and made a snarky remark to shooter bro. ¬†Seriously go check out this trailer. They also had a gameplay demo. #HYPETRAIN
  • Dead Rising 3 Exclusive Xbone DLC for Capcom anniversary. Seemed funny but I don’t really care.
  • Disney Fantasia Music Evolved – Announced. Explore some Disney music or some shit.
  • Dance Central Spotlight – Announced. Digital Download DC game.
  • Fable Legends – 3 or 4 (hard to tell) player Co-op Fable game. Players can also play the villain character, which sees the map in a top down RTS style and plays the game like a tower defense game AGAINST the ‘good’ players. Really cool concept. Xbone Beta in Fall.
  • Project Spark – We already knew about this. Random Cinematic trailer. CONKER SHOWED UP AT THE END THO.
  • Ori and the Blind Forest – Looked pretty cute and colorful. And Indie-esque 2D side scrolling adventure game by the looks of it. Possibly has a dark/depressing story. Scripted Trailer (Kinda Cinematic I guess? 2D game).
  • Halo The Master Chief Collection – CALLED IT. Collection of Halo 1, 2, 3, and 4. Halo 2’s graphics have been remastered for the released. Each Multiplayer will run it it’s own original engine, INCLUDING Halo 2. Over 100 Multiplayer Maps and ‘tons of customization.’ 4000 Gamerscore (CHEEVOZ)
  • Halo 5: Guardians – Beta in December (Access included in Halo Collection).
  • Inside – Announced. Limbo Esque 2D sidescroller from the PlayDead guys. Looks pretty dark and dreary as well. Main character is a child.
  • Rise of the Tomb Raider – Announced with Cinematic Trailer.
  • Witcher 3 – Gameplay Demo. Still Looks Awesome.
  • Phantom Dust – Reboot/Remake/Sequel/KITreatment announced with Cinematic Trailer.
  • The Division – Gameplay Demo. Still looks awesome. Some Xbone exclusive DLC crap.
  • Scalebound – Announced. RPG. GIANT MONSTERS. Swords/Arrows/Etc. Seems kind of cool, only a cinematic trailer though. Platinum Games Xbone Exclusive.
  • Crackdown – (Not numbered 3?) Announced. Cinematic Trailer. Possibly more than 2 player Co-op?
  • All of these Indie Games were briefly shown in a montage:¬†Aztec Assassins, Knight Squad, Plague Inc, White Night, Earthlock Festival of Magic, Cuphead, Hyper Light Drifter, Lifeless Planet, Slash Dash, FRU, Lovers in a Dangerous Spacetime, Mighty No 9, Grave, THREES, FenixRage, Woolfe , IDARB, Hellraid, Below (This is a copy and paste from my notes, there might be some spelling errors).

Overall this was actually a really solid presentation from Microsoft.¬†Kinect was only mentioned once by the Dance Central guy. They really were just pushing games, games, and more games. This is probably Microsoft’s best showing in a couple of years. I was a little surprised at no mention of the price drop of the Xbone and nothing about Gears though. Still there was plenty of really interesting stuff in there.¬†I think my game of their show would be Sunset Overdrive. Scalebound sounds really interesting, but I’ll want to see more about it before I get hype. Fable Legends also sounds really cool, I like that concept a lot. Other than that, there was a lot of stuff I already knew about, other stuff I thought there was cool, and only a tiny bit of shit I don’t really care about (See Dancing Games). That list of Indie games was also really impressive. Mighty No. 9 and Below probably being the ones worth mentioning the most. Cuphead made me lol (Character literally has a Cup for his head). I wish they let us seem more than like a 5 second clip of these in their montage.

That is it for the Microsoft Presser. Next one up is EA. I’ll make a similar post for it. I’ll also probably do a wrap up post sometime after all the presentations this week and I’ll make a point of including any of the trailers I thought were really great (Like the Sunset Overdrive one).

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