Stream stuff.

Short post with some stream stuff updates.

So after trying it for about a month I’ve decided that the structured stream schedule thing isn’t really for me. I still enjoy streaming, but doing it like that makes it feel like less of a hobby. So instead I’m going to just be random about it. For the most part I’ll just stream when I’m playing something that can be streamed and I feel like streaming. I’m sure some nights I won’t, and I’m sure some nights I’ll play things I can’t stream (3DS/PSVita stuff namely). That being said, Monday – Thursday is still the most likely times I’ll stream anything during the weekend, and on Sundays I will still stream Final Fantasy until I’m all the way through the series. I’ll also say this makes it more likely that I’ll stream on Fridays and Saturdays.

TL;DR – Going to slow down the streaming. Stream schedule is Mon-Sat: Random | Sun: FF7 starting sometime mid afternoon and stopping when I get tired. (Likely still 4 to 10 ish).

I’m also looking around for an online community to become a part of and do content creation for. I just have a lot more fun when I’m doing it with a group. This was a big part of me trying to get back into MMOs. I’m not making much progress here though.

Anyways, small update there 🙂 Cya.

Quick addition: This also probably means I’ll post more blog stuff. Which will be nice 🙂

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10/12 – 10/18 Stream Schedule.

Sunday (10/12| 4PM-10PM) – Final Fantasy Day! FF7

Monday (10/13| 6PM-10PM) – Persona 4 Arena Ultramax (P4A Story)

Tuesday (10/14| 6PM-10PM) – New Release Tuesday! Tears to Tiara 2

Wednesday (10/14| 6PM-10PM) – Persona 4 Arena Ultramax (Continuing Story)

Thursday (10/15| 6PM-10PM) – JRPG Day! Tales of Xillia 2 (Continuing Story)

Friday – Won’t cast (Playing D&D, may start casting this at some point. TBD).

Saturday (Random) – I may stream something. Probably P4AU but maybe Tales of Xillia 2 or ArcheAge.

Thanks to the folks that support my silly stream effort and that come by and hang out. I really appreciate it!

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9/29 – 10/5 Stream Schedule

Monday 9/29 (6PM to at least 10PM) – Final Fantasy 7 and maybe some Destiny.

Tuesday 9/30 (6PM to 10PM) – Natural Doctrine unless it isn’t delivered.

Wednesday 10/1 (6PM to 10PM) – Random.

Thursday 10/2 (6PM to 10PM) – JRPG Thursday, Tales of Xillia 2.

Friday/Sat – Totally random.

Sunday 10/5 (4PM – 10PM) – Final Fantasy day (FF7).

I had to cancel yesterday’s FF cast because I started feeling pretty sick that afternoon. This is what I plan on doing this week though. Remember, all times are in CST.

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August-September Update! Small PAX rundown, Destiny, and some streaming stuff.

Hey everyone!

August was PAX month and some other stuff has going on where I was fairly busy. I didn’t get to stream as much as I would have liked in the past few weeks and I’ve definitely slacked off on Final Fantasy progress. I’ve gotten less busy lately so i’m playing stuff again, and by stuff I mean I’m playing a metric fuckton of Destiny. I’ve streamed a good bit of it, and I’ve really been enjoying that. So today we’ve got a brief PAX rundown, a Destiny Mini-Review, and some updates to stream schedule (For the sake of progress!).

We had a bigger group go to PAX this year than normal, which was pretty nice. I also spent less time in the expo hall this year than any year previously and probably went to twice as many panels. Frankly because the Expo hall sucked this year. Unless you’re down with standing in 2+ hour lines, which fuck that noise. The panels I went to were all really great though. The best ones were probably the Giant Bomb live panel and the PAX Game Industry Rumble (which the Giant Bomb guys are a BIG part of). The Giant Bomb guys are hilarious and put on a great show. I hadn’t been to any of their panels before, and only went this year because I have started listening to the Giant Bombcast more and going to their website more frequently (I mostly read/watch IGN, Giant Bomb, and Escapist now). Overall, it definitely goes to show you that the PAX community isn’t really on the show floor and the panels are bigger. Next year I’ll probably make a point of spending next to no time on the show floor period and just go to a bunch of random panels. I wish I had gone to more of the Polaris panels this year. Overall, it was a great PAX. Definitely better than last year.

Destiny has been the big game in the news lately. It seems like the gaming press didn’t really care for it, which is sad. I kind of thing some of them didn’t really give it a chance, or maybe the game just wasn’t what they were looking for. It is hard to tell really. Personally I think the game is fantastic, and there is a lot of room for growth in the game’s universe (which Bungie plans on doing). The game is a bit grinding, but it is more-or-less another shooter take on the Diablo formula. It isn’t quite an MMO, but it comes close. At best I’d call it MMOLite. There are a couple of places to go that you can see more than just your party (Patrol missions and the Social hub), but you can’t (and really don’t) interact with these people in game. Occasionally there are public events and that is probably the only time the game kinda feels MMO-like. It is a great coop experience though. Get a friend or two (or 5 for the 6-person raids and PVP) and go kill some aliens. Most of the missions are well done, but you will end up seeing a lot of the same places. There is a good bit of repetition because of that. It probably won’t be as bad after they add a few DLC expansions, but there are only 6 strike missions to do outside of story missions. Many of these missions send you to very similar places, but you’ll take a different door to a different boss. It isn’t too bad, but the missions are all fairly similar (Go here, defend this, kill boss, that sort of thing). I’m having a blast with it so far though doing all the grinding for loot so me and my friends can do harder stuff, daily quests, and PVP. Overall, I’d totally recommend this to someone that has a group of friends playing or wanting to play. You’ll have a blast.

So some quick updates to streaming stuff here too. I’m still going to stream from Sunday – Thursday, but I’m going to kind of change up what I’m streaming for a couple of days. My general plan is this:

  • Sunday: Final Fantasy Marathon (X – 10PM CST)
  • Monday: Random (6PM – 10PM CST)
  • Tuesday: New Release I purchase OR Random (6PM CST – 10PM CST)
  • Wednesday: Random (6PM CST – 10PM CST)
  • Thursday: JRPG Day (6PM CST – 10PM CST)
  • Friday & Saturday are not scheduled so those will be totally random. It is unlikely I will stream on Fridays at all.

I decided on this basically because I want to make progress on the Final Fantasy marathon without burning out, and I wanted to make progress on my JRPG backlog as well. Those are also may favorite games and the stuff I would mostly want to feature when streaming (outside of new releases). Now Monday – Wednesday I could also stream a FF game or a JRPG, but Sunday and Thursday are the dedicated days. I feel like that makes the most sense. Also, all times are ‘ish’ times. Meaning I can be a few minutes late or early. I always post on Twitter when I start streaming though. This new schedule will start tomorrow.

I’ve got some other things I’m working on, but I’m not quite ready to publicly talk about them yet. Both endeavors will involve me creating more content, which could be fun. More on that once I have something to report.

That is it for now. Sorry there isn’t more here, outside of PAX I’ve had a fairly uneventful past two months as far as gaming goes :).

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Opinion on newer MMOs and the state of the genre.

So anyone that has talked with me or watched my stream regularly knows that for the better part of a year I’ve been trying to find a new MMO to get into. I’ve tried A LOT of MMOs during that time, and I’ve yet to find one that really stuck with me. I figured I would detail each of the MMOs I spent at least two weeks with and give my opinions on each, and follow up with my opinion of the MMO genre. I’ll kinda structure this like I would my mini-reviews.

I picked up WoW again for a bit and played the newest expansion. Leveled up my Shadow Priest from level 80 to 90 in about a week playing extremely casually. I had a group of about 13 people that I had intended to create a guild with and raid stuff, but that didn’t really pan out. I saw all the available content in the raid finder thing and flex raids. I debated trying to recruit for a small guild or join one for Normal and Hard mode of the current raid content but I couldn’t get motivated to do the same content I’ve been farming in various modes. The fact that the raid force I wanted to start with didn’t pan out and the ease of getting my character to a fairly decent level of gear really just killed my motivation to go any further with the game. These various difficulty modes for encounters have killed raiding in WoW for me. Right now there are 4 different difficulty levels in Siege of Orgrimmar (not counting the difference between 10 and 25 man, which would make 8), which is just ridiculous. Two different difficulty modes were bad enough, but now there are 4. This level of making things accessible for your ‘casual’ players has quite literally ruined raiding in the game for the rest of us. Having stuff scaled differently for 10 mans and 25 mans was more acceptable (Like in WOTLK), more ideally things should be like they were in BC with independent 10 man and 25 man instances. Players want to see the end game content they should have to put in the effort. This trend of accessibility is ruining games.

Next up is Wildstar. I got excited about this game the first time I was it at PAX 2011. I started following it very closely. I eventually got into the beta and a fairly good guild that was ramping up for the game. I leveled a Spellslinger to level 20 and hated it. I NEARLY quit right there, but a friend talked me out of it and I didn’t want to disappoint the guild I had just joined a week prior. I suffered through level an Esper to 50. I still hated almost every minute of the leveling experience. It was terrible. I hate leveling though, so I can look passed that. The raid content and dungeons weren’t bad either. The PVP felt a little zergy, but it wasn’t horrible. However, all of these aspects were made bad by the fact that the gameplay is extremely boring. The 3 character classes I goofed off with all had 2 button rotations where you just mash shit on cooldowns, and practically every other of your only 8 allowed skills were movement or defensive cooldowns. You had a couple more buttons for class specific cooldown (offensive CD for DPS classes) or trinkets, but mostly you were mashing 2 buttons 90% of the time. There WERE other abilities you COULD use but that meant you were gimping your DPS. They wanted to make the 8 abilities customizable based on playstyle, but in order to do this ability setups need to be able to compare to eachother in raw DPS. This was never the case. There was always just one ability setup for your given role with the only variance being on what other random cooldowns you took. Even then there are the best random cooldowns, you might swap one out a fight. It became very stagnant very quickly. I need a rotation where I’ve got to pay attention to a lot of things. I played a Shadow Priest in WoW because it was complex (though normally not as rewarding as Mage/Warlock/Hunter). Even in Everquest the role of mashing a few buttons felt different because you had to manage threat, position, and mana. I liked the Sorcerer in Guild Wars 2 as well because you had to rotate between stances and each stance had buttons you needed to push, and different variations of abilities based on weapons. Restricting player abilities is just silly to me, but I don’t know if that would’ve helped the gameplay anyways.

Another game I’ve tried recently is ArcheAge. I wanted to like this game, it is very pretty and gives me a really big Star Wars Galaxies feel. The part that keeps me away is that the game heavily revolves around crafting and resource gathering. I have never really enjoyed crafting, gathering I’m okay with, but I’ve always seen crafting as a means to some end. Whether that end is certain items, stats, or benefits, usually there is a central goal. In ArcheAge crafting is just something you do and keep doing. So it didn’t really end up being my thing. Gameplay wise it seemed fine. Reminds me a lot of Rift with added comboing of abilities which is cool. I might come back to it (I highly doubt it).

I also played Final Fantasy 14 for a few weeks. I actually really liked FF14 and will probably go back to it. It is really relaxing leveling, and the instancing I did was actually really cool. It helps that I’m a total Final Fantasy nerd. The end game seems really small scaled with some difficult instances, which seems interesting. I have plans to get back to it in the future, we’ll see if those pan out. I don’t really have much to add other than I enjoyed it but didn’t get to spend as much time with it as I would’ve liked.

Another game I checked out was one called Black Gold. It had an interesting steampunk theme with mechs and other stuff that I’m kinda into. The gameplay for the caster wasn’t too bad too, you can move while casting which I’ve wanted since Vanguard. The whole experience was really meh though. The game looked fine and played fine, it just didn’t really hook me on anything. I played it for about a week and a half and then stopped bothering. I can’t really say anything negative about it, it was just kind of a thing.

Last game on my list is Guild Wars 2. I really liked Guild Wars 2. It was one of the few games where I actually enjoyed the leveling experience. I think I’ve talked about it on here before, but basically dynamic world events are REALLY cool, cutting out the quest NPC middle man was awesome, and rewarding players for completion and exploration felt great. No monthly fee is a plus too, not to mention that they constantly update the game and don’t charge for it. I still have it installed and jump in and WvW sometimes. It is a blast. The only negative aspect of the game is that the PVE endgame isn’t very traditional. World bosses are really zergy and the learning curve for instances is crazy high for various reasons. They’re not designed poorly or anything, I think they difficulty has to be that way to offset the fact that everyone has their own personal heal. The more annoying part is that people doing the difficult instances demanded you were one of like 3 classes which was really annoying and disheartening. Still the game is really fun and very easy to get into.


So my opinion on the state of the MMO genre is that it is slowly dying for various reason. Development costs are crazy, the genre has stagnated, immersion is dead, lack of innovation, and most MMOs lack focus. While MMOs hemorrhage sales other game genres are dominating using MMO like elements (See: Call of Duty and League of Legends) without the negatives of MMOs. You get an MMO-lite experience without having to do the dance. MMO designers are trying their best to reel in as many gamers as possible with a jack-of-all-trades experience (See Wildstar, WoW, SWTOR, Rift, ESO) and not creating something for their audience. If a studio would market itself as an immersive experience designed with the people that drive MMO communities in mind (meaning your ‘core’ MMO gamers – Hardcore PVP/PVE players namely) and then actually delivered they would probably make a killing. I know I would be on board. Really I would just love another EverQuest but I seriously doubt that will ever happen again. I love getting lost in game worlds but MMOs lately just don’t want me to get lost, they want to shove things down my throat the whole way through the experience until I get annoyed or tired. Seriously, what other genre of game does that? For more, this is a really good paper on why MMOs are in a state of decline.


That is about all she wrote on that topic. I’ll probably play some more Guild Wars 2 and Final Fantasy 14 eventually. I’m looking forward to trying out Everquest Next when that finally releases (Maybe I’ll get to play it some at PAX?). If that sucks I’ll probably give up on MMOs for a while. There are still really awesome RPGs coming out with really fantastic worlds to play in, I just wish I could explore those worlds with (and against) people.

Just a quick reminder: This week I’ll be playing Final Fantasy 7 Monday.Tuesday – Thursday I’ll probably be playing Tales of Xillia 2 with the Collector’s Edition unboxing on Tuesday (unless Amazon doesn’t get it to me on time -.-).


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June & July Update!

Hey friends! Time for super late June/July update. I’ve got mini reviews for Wolfenstein: The New Order, Transistor, and Watch_Dogs. I finally wrapped up Final Fantasy 6 and I’m about 4 hours into Final Fantasy 7. I’ve started playing through Dragon Age: Origins with the intention to beat it. I’ve gotten a PS4 and Wii U. I’ve played a ton of the Destiny Beta as a result and a little bit of Mario Kart 8. And I’VE MOVED! To a different state even!

So we’ll start with the paragraph mini reviews:

Wolfenstein: The New Order was pretty much everything I wanted from a modernized take on a classic FPS franchise and more. While there are some story loop holes they’re not massive and overall the story is actually fairly well written and designed. It is pretty basic vengeance/save the world but I won’t fault it for that. There was a lot of interesting character development for the main character, William “B.J.” Blazkowicz. They did a good job in portraying him as an actual human instead of some gun toting meat-head most of the time.

I’m pretty sure the game ran on the same engine that RAGE did because both games feel very similar as far as gameplay flow. Very smooth shooting and movement, but Wolfenstein has some added stealth mechanics that are actually really good, and I hate stealth. The level design and stealth mechanic were done in such a way that it was just an option you could use in one battle to the next. AND if you fucked up, you just had to fight it out (very similar to Dishonored). None of the forced stealth bullshit you’ll hear me bitch about shortly. I should also mention the game is very brutal and pretty dark, though I think that is expected it actually surprised me in a couple of places. Overall the game was really good. It played great, had a great story, and was just a great job in bringing a classic franchise into more modern gaming. If you’re looking for something to play and haven’t picked this up yet, definitely give it a shot. It is still $60 on steam, but I’ve seen it go on sale several times for much cheaper.

Transistor has everything in it I should love from a video game. Great art direction, amazing sound track, combat that sounds unique, and it was made by the guys that made the phenomenal Bastion. Unfortunately, I ended up finding the entire experience rather dull. It played fine, but for some reason the game felt lifeless and the gameplay wasn’t really all that interesting after playing it a couple of hours. The world, while pretty at first, got pretty bland pretty quickly. I can’t help but compare it to Bastion, who had a beautiful world with lots of variety and colors. That statement alone, may be part of my reason for being disappointed. I couldn’t help but compare Transistor to Bastion. Transistor had a lot to live up to due to that, and I think it wasn’t quite at that level. The story was really good, the pace was questionable but forgivable, but really the gameplay was just too much of a turn off for me. I wanted to like it, but I just couldn’t quite. It was just alright, not the brilliant follow up to Bastion I was hoping for.

Now, to Watch_Dogs. I was pretty excited about this game. I played it a lot the first week I bought it, despite UPlay really not wanting me to. I ran around and did a lot of stuff, because there is a lot of stuff to do. Notice how vague that is? Well honestly that is because there wasn’t much to remember. Everything was mostly stuff we’ve already done before in similar games (Grand Theft Auto being the obvious example, but so does other Ubisoft titles like Assassin’s Creed and FarCry) and so none of it was very exciting or memorable. It was more like a jack-of-all-trades Ubisoft title that mashed in a lot of stuff from Far Cry and Assassin’s Creed, threw it into a more modern setting, and then slapped a ‘hacker’ theme over it. By hacking I mean that you’re solving some tube puzzles but rotating some tubes (think Bioshock if the tubes were already placed you just had to make stuff line up right) or just pressing the hack button. I will admit that I didn’t even finish the game. Somewhere around the halfway mark there was a forced stealth section that required you to march through the middle of an enemy camp without making so much as a stick crack. If you did anything fun you’d get Mission Failed. So I failed it 10 or so times and uninstalled the game. Forced stealth sections in games are one of my pet peeves with game design. No one finds it fun in these types of games. Forced stealth is fine for Hitman, Splinter Cell, and Thief. Games where you expect to be running around in stealth all the time. However, in a game that is mostly run and gun with the occasionally puzzle these stealth sections are just tedious and annoying. Why can’t more games do stealth like Wolfenstein did? Add some stealth sections to the game, sure! But when the player fucks up, punish him for it by having to fight out of the situation. Don’t just show a fucking game over screen, it is frustrating and not fun. This game was very meh, I wouldn’t really recommend it unless you like GTA a lot but are bored of it and need something new to play.

With that done, let’s talk about Destiny. I put a solid 20 or so hours into the beta and I must say it is a blast. I played a Warlock to max level, and I’m likely to stick with that on release. It fits my playstyle pretty well. I like the whole Borderlands meets Halo feel to the game, and the mix of PVE and PVP with both being equally meaningful is awesome. Items in PVE carry over to PVP and vice versa, and rewards earned by your character apply everywhere. This is probably the best design for this type of game. There will obviously be the ‘best’ weapon for each weapon type, and eventually people will figure out what stats to min/max for PVE and PVP. Still I think it is great that both types of gameplay are pretty much equal in terms of meaningful rewards. I think the only exception being that you get better experience in PVE (I’m honestly not sure if you get experience in PVP. As I’m writing this I cannot remember), but you get different rewards in PVP, such as reputation and certain tokens for loot. The beta only let you level up to 8 and do a handful of missions, so after 2 days I had already knocked out most of that stuff and spent a bunch of time on the PVP. The PVP was pretty well balanced from what I saw. Nothing in particular seemed OP or anything to me. Shotguns are probably the strongest weapons on some of the smaller maps, maybe borderline OP but that is pretty expected from Bungie. I like how they dish out ammo in the Multiplayer. Instead of having heavy weapons spawn somewhere on the map, heavy ammo spawns in certain time intervals on two different sides of the map. This creates a mini-objective on top of the objectives you’re already going for, which I liked. The heavy ammo felt appropriately powerful too. From the beta I don’t really have any complaints. I’ve already pre-ordered the game and look forward to playing a ton of it. Here is a VOD of a full multiplayer game from the Beta (I’m only talking to myself because the PS4 streaming thing doesn’t capture party voice).

I haven’t really gotten much time to play Mario Kart 8. I’ve spent a few hours on it, enough to know that I’m terrible at it. I haven’t really sat down and just played it for an evening though. I honestly don’t enjoy playing certain multiplayer things without playing it with friends and I almost exclusively bought the Wii U to play games with friends (Mario Kart, Monster Hunter, Smash Bros, etc) and the occasional JRPG or something (HELLO XENOBLADE CHRONICLES X). Once I dive more into that I’ll probably talk more about it. Feel free to add me on there, I was able to get Klokworkk.

In streaming news I finally wrapped up Final Fantasy 6. You can see a VOD of me beating Angelic Kefka and the ending here. Feel free to make fun of me chewing gum and then trying to get chicken out of my teeth with my tongue. Lesson learned to not chew gum while streaming and get some damn toothpicks, otherwise I’ll look like a dumbass. I’ve started Final Fantasy 7. I’m not too far in though, about to get to Shinra building part. I’ll be starting the stream up as soon as I’m done typing this. I’m also going to be periodically playing through Dragon Age: Origins but I have no timeline on trying to beat that.

Only other thing of note is that I’ve moved! I no longer live in Alabama, I have moved back to Texas. I still have my own place though, I didn’t move back in with anyone. That wouldn’t be fun. I live about 45 minutes north of Austin now, which is a great location. Austin is such an awesome city too. If you’re ever in the area make sure you check out Pinballz and Dragon’s Lair, as well as the plethora of game shops. Tons of cool shit to be found.

Alrighty, I’m wrapping it up here. In August I’ll try to beat FF7 and Tales of Xillia 2. I also plan on writing a post about recently released, upcoming, or popular MMOs and my thoughts on them (spoiler: most of it isn’t too great). Expect that before PAX. I’ll probably also ACTUALLY make a PAX post this year, so I’ll probably take a bunch of notes and/or pictures during that. That’ll technically be an early September update though so I’m getting ahead of myself so I’ll stop now.


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Nintendo Presser E3 2014 Notes

Notes from the Nintendo digital presser!

  • Super Smash Brothers U – Trailer.. thing? ‘Mii fighter’ announced. 3 types, Brawlers (fists), Swordfighters, and Gunner (Arm Cannons/Projectiles). Looks like a lot of the extra minigames and random customization is coming back, along with some new stuff. Oct 3 for 3DS version. Holiday 2014 for Wii U version.
  • Amiibo – Skylander type toys with special chips in them that will cause Wii U systems to recognize figures. ‘Spring to life’ in compatible games. Super Smash Bros Wii U will be the first game to support it. Support for Mario Kart 8 being worked on.
  • Yoshi’s Wooly World – Looks pretty cute, just like Kirby’s Epic Yarn.
  • Captain Toad Treasure Tracker – Super Mario 3D world inspired platformer.
  • Legend of Zelda Wii U – The one screen they showed looked pretty. A lot of moving foilage and stuff. Described as Open World. Cell Shaded cinematic trailer. Still want to see more, but looks like a decent start.
  • Pokemon Ruby/Sapphire remake – Still a thing. Some weird live action/gameplay hybrid trailer.
  • Bayonetta 2 – Still a thing. Gameplay trailer. Get original with purchase of the sequel.
  • Hyrule Warriors – Dev commentary video. Sept 26 date.
  • Kirby and the Rainbow Cruise – 2015 claymation Kirby game.
  • Xenoblade Chronicles X (AKA just X) – Cinematic trailer. HNNNNG
  • Mario Maker – Gameplay Trailer. Create your own Mario worlds. Uses Original Super Mario Bros and New Super Mario Bros U 2D engines it looks like
  • Splatoon – 8 player 4v4 online multiplayer action game. Paintball 3rd person shooter. Use paint to ‘claim’ territory.
  • Final Announcement is Palunteena as a SSBU character.

Sooooooooooooo. Where should I start with this. Of all the stuff they talked about I really only care about Super Smash Brothers U and X really. The little bit of the Wii U Legend of Zelda title seemed interesting and a lot more ‘next gen,’ but I’m not really going to be on board until I see more. I’m not just going to get hype over a mention of a Legend of Zelda game. They showed a lot of platforms that don’t really do anything for me, I am not even close to the target audience for the Amiibo thing, Hyrule Warriors looks neat I guess, and Splatoon was actually kinda cool. Pokemon has basically become Nintendo’s Call of Duty. Seems like a real cash cow franchise they just throw version of out now.

It is probably worth noting that Mario Party 10, and a new Star Fox is available to demo at E3. Mario Party 10 could be fun if they have solid online play. Devil’s Third, a new title from the Ninja Gaiden director, was also announced after the presser as a Wii U exclusive. I found the fact that they didn’t release all of this info during the presser a little weird.

I’ll have a bigger post about the entirety of E3 later this week. I used up most of my lunch break at work for this one :).

Right now as far as pressers go I’m thinking Ubisoft > Microsoft > Sony > Nintendo > EA.

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Sony Presser E3 2014 Notes

Notes for the Sony Presser!

  • Destiny – Cinematic Trailer. PS4 Beta on July 17th and First look Alpha starting TONIGHT only on PS4. The obvious exclusive DLC. Additionally, there will be a 500GB White PS4 bundle that will come with Destiny.
  • The Order 1886 – Cinematic Trailer. This looks much darker and horror esque than the original Order trailer. I am intrigued.
  • Entwined – Artsy game from a new studio that is mostly students. Twin stick gameplay with colors and such. Somewhat interesting. Available right now for $10. PS4 Exclusive.
  • Infamous: Second Sun – Summer DLC; Infamous: First Light. Female main character and stand alone DLC. I don’t really know enough about Infamous: Second Sun to know much about the characters.
  • Little Big Planet 3 – Some new characters introduced (Oddsock ~ A Sackdog, Toggle ~ A strong Sackbro that can shrink, and Swoop a flying Sackbird. Looks just as cute as ever. Not sure how much I care personally but I won’t knock it.Old User created content is backwards compatible with LBP3. November release date.
  • Bloodborne – New IP announcement by From Software. Really dark trailer. Looks pretty violent and gory. Guns and Swords! 2015 date teased.
  • FarCry 4 – Gameplay Trailer. Very pretty. Showed off Climbing Gear, Wing Suit, vehicle hijacking, and what looked like what might be a drop in co-op mode. Players can invite friends that don’t own the game for some co-op action ‘only on the PS4’.
  • Dead Island 2 – Cinematic Trailer. Exclusive beta on PS4.
  • Diablo 3 Evil Edition – Exclusive Dungeon with Last of Us zombies (clickers and etc)
  • Battlefield Hardline – PS4 Beta mentioned. Gameplay Trailer. Still looks neat.
  • Disney Infinity – PS4 Collector’s Edition with exclusive Avengers figures.
  • Magicka 2 – Cinematic Trailer
  • Grim Fandango Remastered – Announced. PS4/Vita Exclusive.
  • Devolver Digital – These guys came out with a bang, announced Broforce, Titan Souls, Not a Hero, Hotline Miami, and The Talos Principle for PS4.
  • Let it Die – New Suda 51 IP. Some serious Deathmatch going on in a really violent live action trailer. PS4 Exclusive.
  • Abzu – New game from Giant Squid (Journey). Very pretty game with what looks like mostly Underwater gameplay.
  • No Man’s Sky – PS4 Exclusive Announcement. Really cool looking Space/Planet exploration sandbox game with procedural generation of planets.
  • Youtube Sharing on PS4 ‘Later this year’
  • Planetside 2 and two other free to play titles announced. A montage of other free to play games also showed with games including Loadout and War Thunder.
  • Playstation Now – Service will be in Open Beta in the US on July 31st with PS3 and PSVita happening ‘soon after.’ Some PSNow titles will also go to Sony TVs.
  • Vita Games mentioned: Child of Light, Tales from the Borderlands, Tales of Hearts R (HYPE), and Minecraft.
  • Playstation TV – Pairs PS4 with device to play stuff on a different TV in your home. Disney Infinity 2 for the PSTV and Vita Next Year. PSTV is a $99 device. There is a $139 bundle with the device, a controller, a digital copy of Lego Movie the game, and 8GB memory cards.
  • Mortal Kombat X – Gameplay Trailer. 4 characters show. Sub-Zero, Scorpion, and 2 characters I don’t know. A character that looks like a bee and acts sort of insectish, and a hulking character with a smaller female character on his back. They fight together. The big guy occasionally uses the girl as a weapon or projectile.
  • Exclusive TV show ‘Powers’ based off the comic of the same name. Free first episode for everyone. Free series for PS+ Subscribers.
  • Ratchet and Clank Movie in 2015.
  • Last of Us remastered – Trailer. July 29th Date. LET THE MILKING COMMENCE.
  • Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain – Cinematic Trailer
  • Grand Theft Auto V – Fall PS4 Release. SUCH MILK. MUCH CASH COW. MOO.
  • Batman: Arkham Knight – Gameplay/Cinematic hybrid trailer. Looks pretty. Show off some more Batmobile footage. Strafing hovertank. Exclusive PS4 Scarecrow missions.
  • Uncharted 4: A Thief’s End – Cinematic Reveal. 2015 date given.

Sony had a lot of stuff to show that I am pretty interested in. Uncharted 4, MKX, No Man’s Sky, Magicka 2, Bloodborne, The Order 1886, Destiny, and FarCry 4 all look really good to me and I’m pretty excited about them. Battlefield Hardline still looks really good. If any of those are PC games I’ll be getting them on the PC first though. I’m a little disappointed that they didn’t mention more stuff for the Vita. The Vita/PS TV thing is pretty cool though but I’m not really its market. I’m really hype for Tales of Hearts R though. I think the most exciting things were Bloodborne, The Order 1886, and Uncharted 4 as far as PS4 exclusives go. Overall not a bad show, but nothing too mind blowing either. Pretty safe showing.

Nintendo’s digital event is tomorrow morning. I’ll be making a post for it as well, expect it later tomorrow afternoon though. After that I will make a post about the things I’m really excited about.

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Ubisoft Presser E3 2014

Notes from the Ubisoft presser!

  • Far Cry 4 – Cinematic Trailer. First 5 minutes of the game. Dated Nov 14th.
  • Just Dance 2015 – Announced. Some wacky trailer. Not my thing, but the cringy dance routine was hilarious.
  • The Division – Another Cinematic Trailer. Story focused this time though.
  • The Crew – Random road trip montage. Beta sign ups open now. Releases Nov 11.
  • Assassin’s Creed: Unity – Cinematic Trailer. Definitely French Revolution. Gameplay Demo shown. Protag’s name is Arnaud Dorian
  • Shape Up – Random Fitness game.
  • Valiant Hearts: The Great War – This game seems somewhat interesting. The game’s story is based of some letters from WW1. Looked like it had great animation. Kind of dark. Story seemed somewhat sad/emotional.
  • Rainbow Six: Seige – Gameplay Trailer. 5v5 Cops Vs Bad Guys. Demo showed a hostage extraction mission very similar to what you’d expect from a Counter-Strike game.

This one seemed to go by pretty quickly. Their list of games is a lot more exciting to me than EA’s was. I don’t care about Just Dance or Shape Up so much (lolfatkidamirite?) but everything else I am pretty on board with. I’m still a pretty big fan of the Assassin’s Creed games. I haven’t quite gotten tired of them yet. I’ve been hype about The Division and The Crew since E3 last year, so I’m still on board for them too. Far Cry 3 was one of the best games from 2012 so who wouldn’t want another one of those? And Rainbow Six: Seige looked really solid. I’m interested in it, but I want to see more details about how much there is to do in the game. Not really looking for another 2 gametype multiplayer shooter that I play for a couple weeks and then drop (LOOKING AT YOU TITANFALL).

Overall Ubisoft did a great job and showed us a lot of good games. The Division and The Crew are both things we’ve seen in the past, but it is nice to know they’re still around. Granted, they’ve been shoving The Division down our throat kind of. Still, great show.

Sony is next!

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Electronic Arts Presser E3 2014 Notes

My notes from EA’s E3 2014 Presser:

  • Star Wars Battlefront – Some Developer commentary and early footage of the game were shown. Spring 2015 date announced.
  • Dragon Age: Inquisition – Cinematic Trailer. Some Gameplay Footage of the part fighting a dragon. Mounts! Companion Montage. Oct 7 release date.
  • Bioware is doing something with Mass Effect. They talked about the series a bit but didn’t really give any details.
  • Bioware is also working on a new IP.  They talked a little bit about what they were trying to do with the game’s world and feel, but didn’t really give any details about the game.
  • Sims 4 – Announced. This is where I got up to get pizza so I don’t even know what else was said.
  • NHL 15 – Announced. Cinematic trailer and maybe some gameplay? Hard to tell from the trailer. Sports sports blah blah.
  • Criterion is working on a new racer. The developer clip said this game would incorporate many different types of vehicles. Clips of Helicopters, Boats, ATVs, Cars, and other vehicles was shown. Sounds neat, but it was very early in development. Probably Pre-Alpha gameplay/renders.
  • PGA Tour – Announced. Using Frostbite 3 engine. Who gives a shit. Moving on.
  • Madden 15 – UGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGH. August 26.
  • Dawngate – That one MOBA no one cares about.
  • Mirror’s Edge 2 – Some early gameplay and cinematics shown with some developer commentary. No dates or anything, but it is still nice to see.
  • FIFA 15 – STOP.
  • Battlefield Hardline – Cops VS Robbers style game with the core Battlefield gameplay. The graphics appear to be smoothed out a bit and less textured, and this somehow makes the game look better than Battlefield 3/4 in my opinion. Objectives had kind of a Payday feel. In the gameplay trailer a player had to grab some stolen loot and then try to evade the cops through scripted events. Looked pretty cool really. Beta sign ups are live now at this link and the game releases on Oct 21st.

This year’s EA showing was pretty meh. A lot of it was just showing details of games that sound pretty early in development, sports games, or games we already knew were in progress. I have to admit that Battlefield Hardline is intriguing. I’m excited about anything Bioware puts out. Criterion are pretty awesome too but that game doesn’t even have a title so I don’t expect it anytime soon.  Mirror’s Edge 2 has me hype but it is in the same shoes as the Criterion Racer. So, overall there was some interesting stuff, but not much of substance from EA this year.

Next up is Ubisoft!

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